Sean Weafer
Director of Coaching
Sean is an international conference speaker, creator of the G2S coaching system, a Marshall Goldsmith certified leadership coach, workshop leader and author.

Co-Founder and Director of Leadership Coaching and Programs at, Sean is also a Founder Member of the Association for Coaching and since 1997 has coached expert leaders and professionals to become highly trusted and inclusive influencers, networkers, presenters, advisors, business developers, leaders and masters of managing continual change.

He is a Fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute and the Professional Speaking Association and author of ‘The Business Coaching Revolution’ (2001), ‘The High Trust Advisor’ (2014) and ‘Invoking the Feminine’ (2019).
Originally an engineer, Sean is also trained as an analytical hypnotherapist, Master of NLP and a psychotherapist.

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‘Coaching is a collaborative partnership between a coach and a client and a system which identifies perceived obstacles, generates solutions, sets objectives and implements action
 based on personal accountability.’  
Sean Weafer
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